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At Importsquare, we offer mail forwarding and package consolidation services, shipping from the U.S. to other countries worldwide. By creating an account, you will receive a U.S. address that you can receive packages at. When we receive a package that is addressed to you, we will send you a notification and then create a post on your Importsquare account. Once you have used the services on your account and completed the customs forms, select which method of shipping you prefer and we will send the package on to the address that you provided upon your account creation, as per your instructions. We offer two methods of shipping: Standard membership and Premium membership. The standard membership is free, and your shipment will arrive to you in the same package that we receive it in. A premium membership can be billed either on a monthly or an annual basis. With a premium membership, multiple packages can be boxed and shipped together, which can save you money on shipping costs.

User Agreement
By using our services, you are agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions within this policy. You further agree not to use our services for any purposes that can be considered illegal, immoral, or in violation of these terms and conditions. 
Occasionally, these terms and conditions may be amended, modified, or deleted. Other changes that directly affect this agreement may be implemented as well. In these circumstances, there will be an announcement of these changes on our homepage. You are encouraged to read these changes before continuing to use our services. By using our services after these changes have been put into effect, you are agreeing to abide by the new terms and conditions policy. 
Please take the time to read our entire terms and conditions policy before creating an account with Importsquare. You will not be able to use our services without agreeing to our terms and conditions policy. By accepting our terms and conditions, you are stating that you acknowledge these policies, and you are at least eighteen (18) years old.


Privacy Policy    
All the information that is collected from you is protected under the privacy policy posted on our website. This policy is also incorporated into this terms and conditions agreement for your reference. The privacy policy details how we collect, use and store your personal information provided to us, and your rights regarding that information. Please read the privacy policy carefully before using our services. If you do not agree with our privacy policy, please do not use our services. 


Importsquare Website

All of the content on Importsquare’s website is protected under copyright and trademark laws and nothing within this agreement provides our users to license our content or any third-party content without prior express written permission. All rights are reserved by us.
By using our services, you agree not to engage in the following:

•    Harm, threaten or harass other Importsquare users in any way or for any reason
•    Use the information found on our services to compete with Importsquare in the marketplace
•    Impersonate an individual or entity, including a representative of Importsquare, or to misrepresent yourself as an affiliate
with another person or entity
•    Copy, use, share, or transmit any content or materials that violate another person or entities copyright, trademark, or other source protected right
•    Violate any jurisdictional, national, or worldwide laws, intentionally or otherwise
•    Manipulate information to hide your identity
•    Provide incorrect, incomplete or false information of any kind to Importsquare or any of our affiliates
•    Interfere with or otherwise disrupt our services in any manner
•    Disobey any of our policies, procedures or regulations that have may disrupt our services, or convince other users to stop using our services
•    Collect or keep the personal identifying data of other users
•    Engage in activities that violate our terms and conditions or the rights of our users, including sending unauthorized messages without consent from the user, except as allowable by law
•    Uploading any malware or viruses to our system that can harm or damage our services or the devices of our users


Automated Queries

You may not send automated inquiries of any kind to us or any of our users without express prior consent from Importsquare. Instances of automated queries include:
•    Software that ranks webpages
•    Meta-searching
•    “Offline” searches on our website


You agree not to copy, change, store, reverse engineer or assemble code, sell, sub-license, or assign your permission, or transfer in any way, your rights to use our services, to remove or obscure copyright or trademark stamps, or in any way infringe upon our rights as the host of our services. You may not recreate, store, or share any of the content on our services in any form without the prior express written consent on Importsquare or the right’s holder of said content.


All of the texts, logos, artwork and interfaces are the property of Importsquare and are protected under copyright source laws. All rights are reserved, and all intellectual property belongs to Importsquare or our third-party affiliates and cannot be copies, shared or stolen. 

If you believe that any of our content infringes upon your copyright or trademarked works, please inform us by sending a notice of copyright infringement and we will investigate the claim. To have a valid claim, your notice must meet the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and your notice must contain the following:
1.    A statement by you, the original owner of the content or the rights holder, that the content in question is being used without authorization from you.
2.    A statement that you are in fact the owner of the content, or the rights holder, or that you have authorization to make claims on behalf of the owner or rights holder. This statement is made under the penalty of perjury.
3.    Your signature.
Once we receive the statement with the above criteria, Importsquare will take the action that we deem appropriate, up to and including the removal of the content from our services.


Importsquare does not want any confusion regarding the content, services and materials that are trademarked by us. To clarify, you are not permitted to use any marks that appear on our services without the prior express written consent of the owner of the mark. We assume no responsibility for content on third-party websites that can be accessed through our services. If a trademark owner feels that their intellectual property has been infringed upon by one of our third-party affiliates, it is their responsibility to contact the third-party directly to make a claim or resolve the dispute.
If you are the owner, or represent the owner, of intellectual property such as a copyright or trademark, and you did not give Importsquare permission to use your mark, please send us a signed letter on company stationery with the following information:

1.    Company name
2.    Company and individual contact information
3.    Which trademark in question you are referring to, as well as a federal trademark registration certificate
4.    The specific area where the trademark in question can be found (eg: URL address or other easily identifiable information). Please inform us whether your complaint is specific or general in regards to where/how it is being used
5.    Which, if any, affiliates of yours are authorized to make use of your trademark
6.    Please include this statement: “I believe in good faith that the use of the trademark(s) in question have not been authorized for use by this person/entity and is therefore infringing upon my intellectual property.”
7.    Please include this statement: “I attest that the information within this complaint is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and that I have the legal authorization to make this complaint.”
8.    Sign with your signature

Once we receive the complaint as detailed above, we will investigate the authenticity of the federal registration of the trademark that was provided and take necessary action to resolve this matter. Whatever action we decided to take is at our sole discretion, and will be appropriate in regards to the situation. This may include removing the content from our services entirely. In cases where the content in question was provided to us by a third-party entity and the content is deemed similar to the trademark in question, we will send a notice to the third-party informing them of your claim before we remove the content from our services. If the third-party can prove that it has its own approved trademark registration, or that they have applied to challenge the content, the trademarked material in question will not be removed from our services.


Our Services


Before using Importsquare services, you must create an account. To do this, you will need to complete a registration form using complete and correct information about yourself. It is your responsibility to keep this information up to date and accurate. If you provide us with false, misleading, incorrect or incomplete information, or we have reasonable doubt regarding the authenticity of the information provided, we reserve the right to restrict, suspend, or delete your account at any time, and to refuse the use of our services.


At Importsquare, we take fraudulent activity very seriously. In order to protect ourselves and our users from fraud, we employ the use of third-party tools to help us detect and prevent fraud when it comes to account creation, protecting our users accounts, shipping policies, and payment security. We require all items sent to us be paid for in full before they reach us. If we suspect or detect fraudulent activities, we have the right to refuse the shipment or place a hold on it until the seller can verify the transaction or that the merchandise has been paid for. If you suspect fraud, please send us an email with Fraud Alert in the subject line and we will look into the matter.


Account Verification
Once you register for an account with Importsquare, we may ask you to submit some form of identification. This ID may be a driver’s license, state ID, passport, utility bill or other form of identification that can verify your address. 


Security Hold
In some circumstances, problem with an account, payment issues, or other issues may arise that make it necessary for us to place a hold on your account while we figure out the situation. While your account is on a security hold, expenses may still occur on your account, including membership fees, shipping fees, processing fees, and other expenses. We will keep you up to date with the status of your security hold and offer solutions on how you can help us to resolve the issue faster. 


Export Regulations
When shipping products from the United States to another country, all Importsquare customers must follow all export control laws and regulations set forth by the following government agencies: U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of Treasury, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, and the Department of Homeland Security. 
By using our services, you agree not to export or otherwise send packages to any country that the United States has a current embargo or trade sanction on. These countries include Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan and Syria, or any other country or destination which requires an export license without first obtaining this license. Diverting products through another country is illegal and strictly prohibited by Importsquare services. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain the proper licensing and to keep these licenses updated. 
In accordance with the above security agencies and at our discretion to obey legal and moral standards, Importsquare will not ship the following items:

•    Weapons (or items that assist in manufacturing weapons, or items that are needed for the weapon to function such as parts or ammunition)
•    Narcotics
•    Other items that are prohibited by jurisdictional, national or international laws

If an item is not illegal where you live, but it is illegal to the country it is being shipped to, we will not ship the item unless the seller had documented papers allowing the import. It is up to the seller to know the restriction laws and standards to the best of our ability, Importsquare may have a more expansive restriction list than other companies in the same field, and we may take more precautions than what is deemed necessary by the law. 

Types of Packages
While most of our customers use our services for shipping packages only, we can also help ship letters and magazines. Since there are special requirements involved in receiving and forwarding on US Mail, you need to make note on your Account Page that you would like to be able to receive letters and mail through our services. To be eligible for this service, your account must have a notarized Form 1583 and two additional forms of identification on file. If we do not have all three of these things, your mail will be discarded. We will not forward any mail that contains credit or gift cards or government issued papers or ID cards.


Once received, your packages will be stored for free of charge set forth by menbership type respectably.  After free storage period expired, your packages will be stored for a maximum of 90 days in our warehouse while we wait for remaining fees to be paid, customs forms to be filled out and returned, or other packages to arrive if they are to be consolidated and shipped together. If your package remains in our warehouse for more than 90 days, the package will be considered abandoned unless you reach out to ask for an extended storage time, which can be provided for an extra fee.


Abandoned Packages
If a package has sat in our warehouse for more than predetermined period and we have not received the proper fees and paperwork in order to ship it, and we have not heard from the customer regarding a request for extended storage time, the package will be deemed abandoned and we will dispose of it at our leisure.

Package Refusal/Returned Packages
Importsquare is unable to refuse receipt of packages from carriers. These packages will be returned to the vendor after they have been processed to your account through a special request, which carries an additional charge. You are responsible for paying this fee.


Oversized Packages
Any package that exceeds the dimensions or weight limits of Importsquare or the carrier is considered an oversized package. These packages must be divided or reduced in size or weight in order to be deliverable. These methods may incur additional fees. If this is not an option, the seller has the choice of having the package returned or disposed of. 


Photographing Packages
Available upon request, Importsquare is willing to open and photograph the contents of a received package in order for you to inspect the merchandise and confirm that it is the correct items being shipped and that they are in good condition before we mail them out.


Importsquare cannot be held responsible for any missing items that were placed in consolidated packaging without proof that the missing item was in fact received by us. For your own peace of mind, we suggest that you submit a request for us to photograph the contents of each package upon arrival and again once they are consolidated in order to confirm that all items were included in the packaging. Any photo requests must be made before the packages are consolidated.
Unless specifically requested, we will remove any catalogs during consolidation because they add to shipping costs and are generally unnecessary to the recipient.


Assisted Purchases

Importsquare can help you purchase products that are based in the United States, but we cannot be held responsible for the quality of the purchased items, any warranty issues, delivery problems or order mishaps. We cannot be held responsible if a purchase cannot be fulfilled for any reason.

Account Funds
All customers are required to deposit funds into their accounts to pay for membership fees, postage, shipping costs, duties and taxes, and processing fees. The credit card or other information needs to match the information of the account holder. We reserve the right to suspend any account or place it on a security hold if there is a discrepancy between this information.
Premium membership subscriptions will be automatically renewed unless you notify us before the renewal date to cancel your membership. All charges on your account must be clear before your payment information can be removed from our services.


Wire Transfer Fee
A nominal fee will be assessed to your account by our bank for each wire transfer we receive and will be charged to your account.


Assisted Purchases Fee
A nominal fee will be assessed to your account for any assisted purchase transactions.


Refunds are not allowed for premium membership fees. Payments for a deposit or postage that was not used is refundable. There will be a nominal administrative fee for each order refund in addition to the actual refund amount. We charge a fee for charge backs or payment reversals on customer accounts. Importsquare also charges a small percentage fee in addition to the administration fee for all refunds.


Dormant Accounts
If an Importsquare account is inactive for more than 2 years, it will be considered dormant. In these circumstances, any account balances will be forfeited and the account will be closed. 


Billing Issues 
All customers are responsible for monitoring the charges made to their account. Any discrepancies or issues must be reported to us within 30 days of the billing date. After this time, charges will no longer be refunded.


Customer Responsibilities

Import and Export Documents
It is the customer’s responsibility for following the import and export regulations regarding their shipments, and to make sure all customs paperwork is included with their shipment. Importsquare cannot guarantee that packages that do not comply with the import or export regulations of a specific country will be delivered. 
The customer is responsible for the correctness and completeness of all forms and documents that are required for customs. Any taxes or duties must be paid for by the customer.
You acknowledge that you are liable for the information provided to customs, the content of the shipped items, and the upkeep of the laws of the countries which the package is being exported from and imported to. Importsquare is not a record keeping service. You are solely responsible to supply all forms and documentation to us as well as to customs and other regulation entities. You understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions within this policy. 


Shipping Information
Importsquare will only use shipping methods that we know and trust, however we cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise from the shipping service that you chose. You alone have the responsibility of ensuring that your packages will not be restricted due to size, volume, or content.
By agreeing to these terms and services, you are authorizing Importsquare to open and packages that are deemed suspicious for any practical reason. 
Any problems arising from a package we sent must be reported to us within 10 days of the delivery date.


Other Rules and Regulations
By using our services, you agree to comply with any and all laws, rules and regulations that are applicable to using You must agree not to collect and store personal data of our other users, and you may not contact other users via their provided email addresses to send them unauthorized messages. We have the right to investigate any claims made regarding violations of our rules and regulations, any if found to be culpable, we will prosecute violators to the fullest extent of the law. We may contact attorneys or law enforcement agencies to help us prosecute those who violate our policies. You understand and acknowledge that Importsquare is not obligated to monitor your account in any way, but we can and will if we suspect our policies are being violated. You may not use any automated means to access information from Importsquare without out prior express written permission.


In the event a package does become lost, Importsquare’s responsibility will not exceed the total amount of the handling fees. 
The customer agrees to hold Importsquare harmless from any claims for damages, including legal fees, arising from a package sent by the customer through Importsquare that does not arrive at its destination, or if the package is detained for any reason.
The customer agrees that we cannot be held liable for any packages that are returned, detained, or otherwise deemed undeliverable due to information error or omission, or from providing false information or documents along with the package. 


Delivery Problems
It is the shipper’s responsibility to confirm that their package has arrived at our warehouse, and that the contents of the package are what you ordered. Importsquare can provide, upon request, photos of incoming packages so you can confirm that the correct package was received and whether the information regarding addresses and tracking information is correct. We have the right to close the account of a customer who asks us to fill out customs forms and asks us to mail packages that were deemed to be received into their suite by mistake and belong to a different customer. If a shipping error was made, it is your responsibility to notify Importsquare immediately.


Missing and Lost Packages
If a package is lost, damaged, or misplaced, please log into your account to file a claim. Any false claims will have a minimum of a $5 surcharge assessed to their account. Any claims made after 10 days of the delivery date will be denied. Insured packages that were lost in the warehouse or during shipping from Importsquare will be valued based on the customs declaration, though in some cases we may require further information to assess the value of the lost package.


In the event Importsquare requires more time than quoted to locate your package within our warehouse, you will not be compensated for this delay. If a package is sent by us to an incorrect address, we will cover the costs of shipping and handling to retrieve and resend the package, but again we cannot compensate for the inconvenience of delay.


At any time, and at its sole discretion, Importsquare may restrict access, suspend, or delete your account and use of our services if we believe that our terms and conditions have been violated. This may be done without prior notice, and all information related to your account will be placed on a hold. If your account is suspended or terminated, we cannot be held liable to you or to a third=party entity for the termination of your access to our services. You agree that Importsquare will be held harmless in the event of your account termination affecting your business or trade, and you cannot make any claims against us, monetary or otherwise. 
If you would like to cancel your account, you can do this at any time by contacting our customer service team. 



By using our services, you agree to indemnify Importsquare an all our affiliates from any claims, damages, or fees from yourself or a third-party entity due to the following reasons:

1.    Content you submitted or posted to our services
2.    Your use of our services
3.    Your violation of our services
4.    Your violation of the rights of us or another user


In the event of a dispute between you and other users, you hereby release Importsquare and our affiliates from any present or future claims, actions, suits, and expenditures without limitation regarding any involvement regarding this dispute.


Liability Limits
Importsquare and our affiliates cannot be held liable for any losses, compensations, or negligence of our users or affiliates. We cannot be held liable for more than $100, including and costs associated with your claim.


Governing Law
You agree that no legal action will be taken against us without first sending us a detailed description of your reason for this action and what law your claim regards, and without giving us the chance to negotiate a solution to the problem before legal action is taken. If legal action does proceed after these conditions are met, you agree to bring the matter to a court in our jurisdiction. 


Importsquare services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis with no warranties of any kind. We cannot guarantee that all services will be in working condition at all times, or that the information provided on our services is always correct and accurate. Our services may contain links to third-party websites. We cannot be held responsible for the content of these websites, or any problems that arise from clicking on the links. Our services hosting third-party links does not imply an endorsement of the websites content nor of the services they provide. You assume full responsibility and any risk involved with patronizing these websites. Importsquare cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages that may be occurred from your patronization of third-party websites. 


No Agency
This policy does not create any affiliation between you and Importsquare that implies a partnership, an employment opportunity, or other business relationship other than what our services are intended for. If Importsquare fails to act accordingly to any of these terms and conditions, this does not waive the rest of the terms and conditions laid out in this policy.


Force Majeure
Importsquare cannot be held liable for delay or failure of a shipment due to things beyond our limitations of control such as; labor strikes, war, natural disasters, act of God, transportation problems, hacking, communication issues, software failure, or vendor non-compliance.
If any portion of this agreement is found to be invalid by a court of law, the remaining parts will still be enforced to their full effect. 


No Waiver
Any waiver of this agreement will only be valid if given in writing and signed by Importsquare.


Any person that received mail and packages through a private mailbox must read and accept the following statements, which will be made available to any government official that is conducting an investigation.
By obtaining a private mailbox, I acknowledge that:

1.    I must disclose the address of my place of residence on a USPS Form 1583 or other officially sanctioned form and I also agree to provide immediate written notice if this address were to change.
2.    I authorize a certified CMRA to act as a legal agent on my behalf when legal documents are being served to me. This authorization shall continue from the date of the agreement until two years after my service has been terminated. This CMRA will have permission to place these documents or noticed into my mailbox, and to send all documents via first-class mail to my place of residence.
3.    I acknowledge and understand that by using a private mailbox for commercial reasons is tangential upon my compliance with all applicable laws and codes, both jurisdictional and federal. I understand that if I violate any laws regarding private mailbox use can result in criminal and/or civil penalties. I understand that I must fill out a Form 1583 for each private mailbox that I use, and that a copy of each form must be retained by this CMRA and can be made available to any law enforcement official or agency that is conducting an investigation. I hereby accept these terms and any terms that may be set forth in the future regarding private mailboxes.

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