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Boats Transporting International Shipments

About Us


Thank you for coming to the ImportSquare!

There are so many products sold worldwide, but not in your country. Furthermore, online retailers do not always ship to anywhere in the world due to shipping costs or border restrictions. This is true for many businesses throughout countries like Japan, England, China, South Korea, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, India, France, the USA, and most others. Thankfully, ImportSquare's shipping proxies can solve the problem.

With Importsquare, we provide you an exclusive US address. Purchase from any online shops and have the packages shipped to your Importsquare address. We will consolidate your package and ship them to you using the most efficient method and at the maximum discounted rate from our carrier. If you have trouble ordering, our shopping proxies can shop on your behalf. You will pay at your ImportSquare account and we will take care of purchasing. We are also happy to offer consolidated shipping for multiple packages.

Through a service that makes it easier to purchase items internationally and ship overseas, we believe that customers will enjoy a happy experience.


ImportSquare was founded in 2007 by Hiroki Takeuchi. The first warehouse was the garage of the home. After 15 years of being in this business, we try to make our service better and better everyday.


We are located the in beautiful Portland Oregon where we have headquarters and our warehouse. Our address is 7850 Sw Nimbus Ave Bldg 9-G Beaverton, Oregon 97008-0102, United States.

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