International Parcel Forwarding Services

What do you do when an online store does not ship to your country?

Online retailers do not always ship to anywhere in the world due to shipping costs or border restrictions. If there is a product you would like to buy that can not ship directly to you, you can utilize a package forwarding service. You will receive a personal address to a package forwarding warehouse that can receive your product and then send it to you.

How Does Package Forwarding Work?

Deliver packages to your exclusive shipping address at our warehouse. You can check your unique Shipping address in the account page. We receive, inspect, and photograph the arrived items. We will process the packages and consolidate the items on your request, and deliver to any destination.

international package forwarding service
Inform us what's arriving.

Login to your account page, then click on +New Assisted Purchase, enter description of the item including item name, item URL, item number, quantity, unit price along with shop name and warehouse into the form and click save. 
Then tell use how you would like to handle the order and instruction if any and click save
* Purchase details can also be uploaded as a CSV file

Once we receive the item it will be shown at your account.

Once the package arrives in our warehouse, we take a photo of the item(s) in the package, and add simple comment about the condition of the package and notify you by mail.
You can check what you received in your account page for next action.

If you need to check your item in more detail, you can request for additional photo. You can also send us special request for your own extra need. 

If you want to ship the items, press the [Prepare to ship] button, and select the purpose of shipment and shipping address, then we will prepare your package for shipping. If you need to ship multiple packages together, you can consolidate them beforehand.

We have CSV upload function available so you can add multiple shipping addresses all at once.


Once our experienced staff pack your items securely for international transportation, you will receive a notification email. You will see your package in "Ready to Ship" status

Please click [Ship Package] button to select your preferred shipping method, then proceed to payment.

After your your package is shipped out from our warehouse,  you will receive a notification email.

You can check the tracking number of your package in your account for tracking. You can also download the package detail in CSV format and use it for your reference.