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Cargo, Freight, & Package Forwarding

Package Forwarding Membership Plan & Pricing





90 days Free trial

Basic Fee




30 days Free trial

Inspection Fee

$1 / item*


$1 / item*


$1 / item*
​$0.7 / item w/o Photo

Additional Photo

Detail Inspection

Special Request

Marchandise Support




Up to 5 Packages

Up to 20 Packages

Up to 150 Packages

Extra Packing

Shipping Discount


15% OFF**

30% OFF**

User Address




Free Storage
(After free storage period)

15 Day

60 Day

90 Day

CSV Upload



 Insurance Selection


Assited Purchase




Message Support

*Identical products are count as 1 item

**Except ocean shipment

**Shipping fees are subject to change without notice.

Volume Plan

We have a special plan for those customers who ship out more than 600Lbs each month.
The plan is particularly designed for the manufacture or wholesale purchases only.
In the Volume plan, our experienced adviser will help support each of the customers. 
Please let us know if you are interested in the service or have concerns.
*The plan does not accept small lot orders. 

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