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International Shipping Logistics Service

International Logistic Outsourcing Service

What is Fullfillment Servie?

If you are a retailer, e-commerce store, small business, let us handle all the packaging and shipping. We will prepare your package, ship to where ever you wish us to ship, either Amazon FBA or direct to your customer, at our discounted shipping price.  You can outsource all labor-intensive processing and use the time for better management and improve customer service.


Amazon FBA

  • Check arrived items

  • Labeling / Barcode

  • Enclose invoice

  • Create Commercial Invoice for custom

  • Ship at discount shipping prices

  • Any request customer has

US Marchandise Support

How does it work?

  • Please send the items you are going to sell in the US to ImportSquare's Oregon warehouse

  • The customer needs to fill in the details of the item you sent in the My-Page (you can also upload a CSV file).

  • You can check Your Oregon warehouse address on My Page.

  • After receiving your parcel, our experienced inspector will process the photo inspection and upload your My-page.

  • Then We will ship your items to the FBA warehouse, as well as to your customers. (We can also apply item label for FBA shipment)

  • As for the international shipment, you will need to ship your package yourself.

We receive your returned products

  • Please use our address as a return destination for items sold within the United States.

  • We can reship your returned items anywhere in the world.

  • You can also consolidate the returned items together with other items.

  • Please go below link to find out how to set up a return address in Amazon Seller Central.


Your online store

  • ImportSquare ships to your customer

  • Direct delivery to corporate customers


  • ImportSquare ships to your customer

  • Direct delivery to corporate customers

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