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International Ordering Center

Assisted Purchase Services

We Shop for You!

What is Assisted Purchase?

If you have trouble ordering online, our proxy shopping and assisted purchase services can help!


Make a difficult process simple and easy by letting our shopping proxies purchase many products from various online stores on your behalf!

You will only make payment at your ImportSquare account. ​

International Assisted Purchasing Illustration

1. Give us the item information including item name, item URL, and option(s) if any.  

How to Use Our Assisted Purchase Services

  1. Click on +New Assisted Purchase

  2. Enter a description of the item including item name, item URL, item number, quantity, unit price along with shop name and warehouse into the form

  3. Click save

  4. Tell us instructions if any and click save

International Shopping Illustration

2. We will quote you the total amount you need to purchase. Once paid we place an order.

We will check availability, pricing, shipping cost from the shop to our warehouse, add our fee, and quote you the total amount for you to purchase. If the item(s) are not available and you instruct us to "Cancel all if any item is available", we will send you a message and cancel.

If the prices are higher than what was submitted, our shopping proxies will make the necessary changes and make a quote which you can confirm at your account for final decision. We will reach out to you via your Importsquare account before quoting if there are any discrepancies.

Once we receive payment we will purchase the item(s).

International Shopping Proxy Illustration

3. Once we receive the item it will be shown at your account for you to ship.

Once we have received your package, we will inspect the items we purchased for you to make sure the order arrived correct and nothing was damaged. When the inspection has been completed, your package will show up on Package in Warehouse status and notify you. You will then be able to consolidate the package with other packages or tell us to prepare for shipping to your address.

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