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Items that are prohibited from importing

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

The following items are prohibited from being imported by the Customs Law (Article 69-2 of the Customs Law).

  1. Narcotics, psychotropic drugs, cannabis, opium, poppies, stimulants, opium smoke absorbers

  2. Designated drugs (excluding those imported for medical purposes)

  3. Handguns, rifles, machine guns, artillery, these bullets and pistol parts

  4. Explosives

  5. Gunpowder

  6. Specified substances stipulated in Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the Act on Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and Regulation of Specified Substances

  7. Type 1 pathogens, etc. prescribed in Article 6, Paragraph 20 of the Act on Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Care for Patients with Infectious Diseases, and Type 2 Pathogens, etc.

  8. Counterfeit, fake, counterfeit and counterfeit cards (including raw cards) of money, banknotes, banknotes, stamps, postage stamps or securities

  9. Books, drawings, sculptures and other items that should harm public security or customs

  10. Child pornography

  11. Articles that infringe patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyrights, neighboring rights, circuit layout usage rights, or breeder's rights

  12. Articles that compose the acts listed in Article 2, Paragraph 1, Items 1 to 3 or Items 10 to 12 of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law

Note In addition to the above, there are some that are prohibited from importing under the Act on Securing Quality, Effectiveness and Safety of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, the Plant Protection Law, and the Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law.

Also, please note that some products such as herbs, aroma oils, and bath salts that are sold under the guise of not being illegal are classified as "narcotics" or "designated drugs" and are prohibited from being imported. Please give me.


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