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FBA direct delivery flow


  1. Have a FEDEX account

  2. Product barcode label can be attached to up to 20 types of products (within 20 SKU)

  3. Incoming item and item label need to be easily identified.


  1. User: Place order at Mypage

  2. Importsquare: Receive the item(s) in our Warehouse

  3. User: Consolidate the orders as needed, and proceed to "Prepare to Ship"

  4. User: Upload SKU Label.

  5. Importsquare: Label the items and package them up to proceed to "Ready to ship" status.

  6. User: Upload FBA delivery label from Mypage

  7. User: Select Shipping Method and make payment.

  8. Importsquare: Attach the FBA delivery label on package and ship out. Provide tracking# to you(email will be sent to you)


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