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About tariffs on personal imports

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

When importing goods from overseas, in principle, tariffs will be levied on the goods, even if they are personal goods or gifts.

●Form of personal import

  1. Importers themselves purchase directly from foreign mail order companies, retailers, manufacturers, etc.

  2. Import through an import agency

Imports of goods for which 60% of the total price of goods is 10,000 yen or less are exempt from customs duty and consumption tax.

*There are exceptions such as alcohol, cigarettes and shoes.

●Calculation method of taxation of personal import


When importing a product with a product price of $1000


$1,000 x 60%=$600 

Taxable amount=$600 x Tariff rate

Import consumption tax

$1,000 × 60%=$600 

Taxable amount=($600 +Tariff rate) x sales tax rate

Example 2

When importing a product with a product price of $90


$90 x 60%=$54

$ 54 is less than 10,000 yen(assume $1=110yen) and is exempt from tax.

Import consumption tax

exempt from tax as well

●Products that are taxable even if the taxable price is 10,000 yen or less

  • Grains such as rice and their preparations

  • Milk, cream, etc. and their adjustments

  • Meat preparations such as ham and canned beef

  • Tobacco, refined salt

  • Leather goods such as travel equipment and handbags

  • Knit clothing

  • footwear

  • Imitation goods for personal use (excluding those made of base metals)

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