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Import of Pharmaceuticals, supplement and cosmetics

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Since it is assumed that the importer himself will use it for his own personal use, it is not permitted to sell or transfer the imported medicines to other people. It is also not allowed to import for other people.


Products sold as foods (including supplements) in foreign countries may be classified as pharmaceuticals in Japan if they contain pharmaceutical ingredients or claims to have medicinal effects.

● Topical agent : Exodermis medicine such as ointment, eye drops, etc. 24 or less per item in standard size (excluding poisons, powerful drugs and prescription drugs)

● Poisonous, powerful or prescription drugs : Within 1 month from the dosage

● Drugs and quasi-drugs other than the above: Within 2 months from the dosage


● 24 or less per item in standard size

  1. For example, in the case of lipstick, up to 24 pieces regardless of brand, color, etc.

  2. Palette is within 24 colors

Medical equipment

The general individual cannot import medical equipment for doctors.

● Home medical equipment (for example, electric massager) 1 set

● Disposable medical devices (physiological tampons, disposable contact lenses, etc.): Within 2 months

● In-vitro diagnostic agent (for example, ovulation test agent): Within 2 months

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