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Importing musical instruments

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

There are no restrictions on importing musical instruments

However, the materials used for musical instruments may be subject to import restrictions under the provisions of the Washington Convention.


  1. Rosewood and Mahogany a wood often used for the frets of stringed instruments such as guitars

  2. When ivory is used as a material for the keyboard of musical instruments that use the keyboard, such as pianos.

  3. For musical instruments that use leather products such as drums, it is necessary to obtain a document certifying what kind of animal leather is used from the manufacturer and prove that it does not violate the Washington Convention etc.

About tariffs

Basically, there is no customs duty on the import of musical instruments, but when importing a guitar etc. together with a hard case or soft case, a customs duty of 8% is usually levied on the price (value) of the case. In addition, consumption tax will be charged.

About transportation precautions

Please note that there are many cases where insurance is not applied as follows

  • Insurance does not cover electrical system failures such as electronic pianos and electric guitars.

  • Insurance does not apply if the packaging box has no evidence of damage or damage to the item.

Also, please note that the customer who is the recipient of the product must file a claim for insurance coverage.

Musical instruments are delicate products, so we recommend that you purchase them as a set with a hard case as much as possible.

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