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Shipping small package

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Importsquare ships packages worldwide from Oregon, USA. With many years of international shipping operations here in Oregon, we have strong ties with air and shipping companies, which makes it possible for us to offer our customers cheap freight rates. See an example of a small cargo pricing system. When the package is less than 160 cm Yamato International (about 5 days on average until delivery) Weight 454g or less: $ 32.00 Weight 908g or less: $ 34.00 Weight 1360g or less: $ 36.00 Weight 1816g or less: $ 38.00 Weight 2270g or less: $ 42.00 * Fuel costs will be incurred separately. In addition to this, there are various shipping methods to choose from, such as FEDEX Priority flights with a delivery date of 3 days, USPS flights, shipping and customs duty payment flights and etc.


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