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international package forwarding - usps mail forwarding




Get your U.S. Address and start shopping and we will ship it to you anywhere in the world. 

consolidated shipping services & usps address forwarding
assisted shopping services

Assisted Purchase Services

If you have trouble ordering online we can shop on your behalf. We can purchase many products from various online shops!

international package forwarding address

International Package Forwarding Service

Send your purchases to your own shipping address in our warehouse. We will process the packages and consolidate it when required, then ship it to your destination.

package consolidation order fulfillment services

Order Fulfillment


If you are a retailer, e-commerce store, small business, let us handle all labor-intensive processing.


Many US retailers do not offer international shipping. Importsquare can solve the problem with our easy and efficient international shipping and package forwarding services. Purchase from any online shops and have the packages shipped to your Importsquare address. We will receive your package, secure it at our warehouse and you can check the arrived items with a photo. You can instruct us to ship or consolidate your packages to ship them to any destination. We will ship your package using the most efficient and at the maximum discounted rate from our carrier.

If you have trouble ordering, we can shop on your behalf with our assisted purchase services. You will pay at your Importsquare account and we will take care of purchasing.

create package forwarding account

Create Account &
Get Your Address

Sign up is free. You will have your own shipping address in our warehouse.

shop at any store and ship to your US address

Shop at Any Store & Ship to Your U.S. Address

Shop online and use your Importsquare package forwarding address as delivery address at checkout.

consolidated shipping for multiple packages

Consolidate Multiple Packages & Ship

Combine multiple packages into one and save on shipping cost.


Special Worldwide Shipping Services

international shipping calculator

You can calculate the shipping cost of the packages with weight and dimension.

package forwarding inspection

We will help identify your goods. Request us additional photos for more accurate inspection.

special requests for package forwarding



Need something extra for your needs? Please request it with some details

place online order fast and easy

CSV Upload

& Download

Placing your order faster & easier by CSV upload. Need data for your business or whatever? Just download them.

Assisted Purchase Services

If you have trouble ordering online we can shop on your behalf. We can offer assisted purchase many products from various online shops. You will only make payment at your Importsquare account. 

  1. Tell us what you want

  2. We will quote you the total amount you need to purchase. Once paid we place an order.

  3. Once we receive the item it will be shown at your account for you to ship.