Package Forwarding Plan & Pricing

Package arrival / Handling fee

$ 1 / item

We charge $1 a item in the package for processing into warehouse. It include 1 free photo of item and inspection comment. For example, if the package contain 3 items, we take 1 photo for each item and give comment it we notice anything and we charge $3.

Assisted Purchase

10 -15% /order

We charge 10%(minimum $10 for US) and 15%(minimum €15 for Europe) fee for assisted purchase. Fee is calculated base on the total cost which include item price, shipping cost from seller to our warehouse and tax. 


Free.  $ 5 / Repack

We consolidate package for free the first time. If  you ask to re-consolidate and/or repack the consolidated package, we charge $5 as we will need to reopen the package.

Additional photo request


Every package received come with 1 photo for each item in the package. We would like you to be able to see exactly what you received. You can also request additional photos for each item so you can check in more detail. 

Special request

$ 2-$ 5 / Package

You need more than regular handling for some packages. We offer Special Request for your particular needs such as additional packing, enclose your own invoice, etc. You can select from most popular Special Request we have listed or describe your own when requesting.

Shipping Insurance


Different carrier provide different insurance method. All of the package shipping from Importsquare includes Shipping Insurance. Please see Shipping Method page about the insurance coverage for each carrier.

Extra Packing


We need to do Extra Package for shipping fragile item or for extra security. You can request for Extra Package or we will recommend to do Extra Package if we believe to do so.


Free for 90 days. $1 per day after 90 days

Package storage is FREE for the first 90 days. We charge $1 a day for package exceed 90 day storage.

Customer Service


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