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Total cost of forwarding service

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

A frequently asked question from those who are considering international transfer services is how much it will cost in total. If you request assisted purchase to forward it, the following costs will be incurred.

  • Product purchase price

  • Our fee

  • Arrival cost

  • International shipping costs

  • Customs duty / consumption tax

Details are as follows

Product purchase price

  • Total purchase price including shipping to our warehouse

Our fee

  • From 10% of the product purchase price

Arrival cost

  • Arrival cost of the package.

International shipping costs

  • It depends on the weight and size of the cargo and the shipping method.

Customs duty / consumption tax

  • As a general rule, customs duty and consumption tax will be levied on all imported cargo.

  • In the case of private imports, tax exemption will be applied in certain conditions

Please refer to the explanation on the Tokyo Customs page below.


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